The Chair of Quantitative Economic Policy offers topics related to the following current fields of research:

Experimental Economics (inclusive Experimental Health Economics), Market Design, Auction Design, Behavioral Economics and Game Theory.

It is also possible to suggest an appropriate topic yourself. In order to avoid problems you should read some survey articles and write an expose before you register your thesis at the examination office. It is advisable to have the paper proofreaded before submitting. You can get advice at the Schreibwerkstatt of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The requirement for the acceptance of a bachelor's thesis is the successful participation in at least two of the courses offered by the chair in the specialization program (ideally one of these is the technical seminar, which, among other things, conveys the basics for the preparation of theses).

A requirement for the acceptance of a master's thesis is the successful participation in a course (master level) in the field of experimental economic or in the field of market design.

A brief guide to the formal design of master, bachelor and seminar papers of the chair can be found here.

You will also find further information and help with writing theses here.

According to the examination regulations (BPO 00+06, MPO 06) you may write your thesis in English.