Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring someone with me who is able to explain my errors when I have a look at my exam paper?

Generally, you are only allowed to have a look at your exam paper. You are not entitled to any further explanations concerning your errors. However, we can comply with your request if your questions do not get out of hand. If every student brought someone who explains single errors and discusses with us other students would have to wait to get a closer look at their results. Please understand that therefore you cannot bring fellow students to have a look at your exam paper. 

But note that it is indeed possible to send an authorized representative. Therefor you need to grant a power of attorney. Furthermore your representative needs to bring a valid identification document.

What is the password for the online bookshelf of the lecture X?

Passwords to the lectures are only given during the lectures. 

When will the results of the exam be published?

The publication of exam grades is the sole task of the examination office. The chair does not publish any results on his own.

I did not register for the exam xy at the examination office. Can I take the exam nevertheless?

No, registration at the examination office is binding. The exam will only count if registration is done properly. If you had any problems with registering you can ask at the examination office. We are not in charge of that. 

I am doing a teacher-training course; can I enrol for the lecture xy?

As there are lots of different regulations for the conduct of examinations in the teacher-training course we cannot pay attention to every single regulation. Please have a look at your module handbook to see if you can enrol for the lecture. To get qualified proof of participation or of performance you have to register for specific examinations at the examination office.

I need proof of performance of the lecture xy. Please send it to me.

We principally do not give proof of performance. This is only done by the examination office.

I like to have credit for the lecture xy by professor z at another university.Therefore I need an outline. Whom can I ask?

We only sign outlines of lectures professor Brosig-Koch is responsible for. If you need an outline of a different professor please ask him or her directly. 

Can I improve my grade by giving a speech or writing a paper after having taken an exam?

No, it is not possible to take additional performances into consideration after marking. Additional performances can only be taken into consideration if any information was given during the lecture.

Do I have to take the regular exam or are there any special rules for students doing a teacher-training course?

Students doing a teacher-training course do write the regular exam in all subjects of this chair. With proof of performance and qualified proof of participation there is the same standard of valuation as with bachelor students.

Do I have to pass the exam in "Introduction to Economics" before I can take the exams in "Macroeconomics I" and "Microeconomics I"?

No. It is helpful to do "Introduction to Economics" before doing "Microeconomics I" and "Macroeconomics I", but this is only a condition in terms of content and not in terms of form.